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We routinely repair relatively new (within the last 15 years) foreign and domestic cars, pick-ups, vans, SUVs, trucks and motorcycles.
Insurance companies and auto repair facilities may provide an estimate that is based only on visible damages. Some are based on visible damage and what, the likely hidden damage is to the vehicle. Other estimates, which are much more accurate, are based on an actual inspection of the vehicle when parts are removed and all hidden damage is revealed. Estimates may also vary if the estimate specifies aftermarket parts rather than OEM parts.
OEM parts are made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are produced by other manufacturers, and may be less expensive while of equal quality to OEM.
Repair times vary depending on the damage to be repaired and from one vehicle to another. We will, on request, give you an estimate of the repair time after we have completed a thorough evaluation of the visible and hidden damage and have determined when our suppliers will be able to deliver all the necessary parts.
With our computer paint matching system, our professionally trained vehicle refinisher’s have the experience, training and knowledge to match your original finish

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, personal and business checks.

Unfortunately, no. Before we return your vehicle in pre-accident condition, we require full payment of the insurance deductible or the complete bill if paying out-of-pocket.

Absolutely not. If it’s easier for you to leave your car with us and have the adjuster do their appraisal here, that’s no problem. Tiagos works closely with all the major insurance companies and can easily advise them of any work and repairs that need to be done to your vehicle.

First of all, we’re sorry you’re in this position. But don’t worry, we’re here to restore the rhythm of your life. And remember, never drive a car that could be dangerous due to visible or hidden damages after a collision. Our Customer Service Center can help you arrange a tow with minimal wait time. You can reach them at (650) 780-9257.

Nope, you sure don’t have to have more than one estimate to complete insurance company requirements and begin work on your vehicle.

Sorry for any hiccups in our system. While we work to fix it, feel free to email your name, cell phone or home number and the photos you’d like to upload to Tiago’s online estimators at tiagosautobody@gmail.com

To provide you with unmatched convenience and service, it’s best to first schedule an appointment to either drop off your vehicle for repair or receive an estimate. Click here to schedule an appointment or give us a call at ((650) 780-9257. Either way walk-ins customer are welcome!

We understand. To put your mind at ease, we always keep an open line of communication. Plus, rest assured, we won’t stop until we make it right. Because your complete satisfaction isn’t just a goal. It’s what drives us. That’s why we allow customers to leave their unedited reviews right on our site.

All Tiago’s Auto Body work is backed by a written lifetime warranty available at our location. Simply contact us or call (650) 780-9257 to schedule an appointment to come by and take care of any issue you may have with your vehicle repair.

While we’re confident this will not happen, we’re also available to help if it does. We back up all repair work with a written lifetime warranty. That means whether it’s a month, a year or five years down the road, we’ll correct the problem free of charge at our convenient Tiago’s location.

Besides the friendly faces, you’ll find the industry’s top collision repair professionals. If you already have an appointment scheduled, our Customer Service Representatives will introduce you to your Service Advisor who will walk you through your repair process. If you haven’t yet scheduled an appointment, you can do so by calling (650) 780-9257 or clicking here.

If you have rental coverage, most insurance rental policies only allow thirty (30) days or less of rental car coverage. In some rare cases, the repairs may take longer than your rental coverage allows. Check your policy.

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Over the years, we have worked with dozens of insurance companies to expedite clients claims. We realize that the overall time that your vehicle is in our shop includes both repair time and the time it takes to process your claim.

With our experience and relationships in this area, we work with the insurance companies to provide the appropriate estimate and information to not only get your vehicle fixed properly, but also promptly with minimal delay.

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